- Wonderstruck ;
.His voice’s like my favorite song; no matter how many times I play it over and over again, I’ll never get tired listening to it. ~*


Beren Saat, Turkish actress


Bebek kisa ♥


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Sex, drugs, parties, affairs and attempted suicides are the daily lives of San Francisco’s high society. Welcome to Sea cliff, a place for the rich and famous, where everyone knows about one another, whether it’s from a busted lip and black eye or a simple affiliation between the sheets. Dirty secrets, diamond rings, forced marriages and betrayal is the daily menu. Rumors and scandals are bound to happen, being that no gossip stays hidden for long, so get your popcorn ready and enjoy the performance.

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^^ they’re so lovely on We Heart It.


If i ever see a flaw of yours, I’d say my eyes are the flawed ones